Winter Service Tips




Prepping for Safe Winter Motoring

The preparation you initiate prior to winter will help ensure safe motoring with your MINI during the cold and snowy months. The fall and summer months were most likely filled with travel between vacations and errands, which means your MINI might be due for a tire or brake inspection. Winter is the season with the greatest chance for inclement weather and adverse driving conditions, so having your MINI in peak condition is essential. At Otto’s MINI, we care about your safety, so when you schedule a service appointment, our MINI factory trained technicians will provide a complimentary fluid top-off and tire check.

Since your MINI requires condition based services, such as oil changes and brake fluid changes, scheduling a Winter service appointment is important. At Otto’s MINI, we provide a full MINI Certified Service Department, which will take care of any of your seasonal service needs, to ensure safe motoring during inclement weather and sudden temperature changes. Below is a list of services our Certified Technicians at Otto’s MINI recommend prior to Winter. Also visit our Service Specials page to enjoy over $100 in rewards or savings by taking advantage of MINI Winter Travels Service Campaign! Click on the link below to learn more.



Tire Tread Depth Inspection.

  • Your tires are the only part of your vehicle in contact with the road, and specifically, a MINI’s treads are essential in handling, braking, safety, and performance. Tread depth on a tire is effected as the mileage increases on tires, because the tire tread wears down. Ample tread depth is critical in over all performance, which includes braking. Click here to see how worn tires will negatively impact your MINI’s braking. Harsh winter conditions, especially snow and ice, will negatively impact your MINI’s handling, performance, and safety. That negative impact only increases with worn tires that have low tread depth.

Tire Pressure Check.

  • Tire pressure can change with seasonal temperature fluctuations, and during seasonal changes, you might notice your tire pressure monitoring (TPM) light illuminate. Whether your TPM light displays or not, you should check your MINI’s tire pressure every other refuel. The driver’s side door jam lists the manufacturer’s specifications for the proper tire inflation pressure. Having incorrect tire pressure could effect the performance, especially handling and braking.

Battery Check and Replacement if Necessary.

  • As a battery ages, it becomes more important to have regular battery checks performed. Please remember, extreme temperatures naturally effect a battery, especially older units. A common time for scheduling a battery check is prior to the Winter season. Our MINI Certified Mechanics will evaluate your battery’s health and inform you whether it is time for a replacement.

MINI Lighting System Check.

  • With the winter season leading to shorter days and snow storms, another important service check is a MINI lighting system check. It is important to make sure your vehicle’s lighting systems are functioning properly. Perform a walk around of your MINI to check the headlights, taillights, turn signals, and brake lights. Schedule a service appointment to replace any burnt-out bulbs or diagnose any electrical issue, so that you will be able to motor safely during winter driving.

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Ensure your MINI is ready for winter motoring by scheduling a service appointment at Otto’s MINI. We currently have the MINI Winter Travels Service Campaign, which is offering over $100 in rewards or savings on services. Click below to learn more about the savings of our MINI Winter Travels Service Campaign!