Tire Care

Importance of Routine Tire Care

Tires can usually be overlooked until there is an issue, like a flat tire, but your tires play a huge behind-the-scenes role in the handling, braking, safety, and performance of your MINI. Remember this is the only part of your MINI in contact with the road. Better tires equal more safety and performance. It is important to have routine tire care, such as tire pressure checks, alignment checks, tire rotations, and tire replacements. With temperature changes affecting tire pressure, seasonal transitions provide appropriate timing for tire service appointments.

Well kept tires ensure quality handling, traction, braking, and stability, from your vehicle, making MINI journeys safer for you and your passengers. Outside of the safety concerns, taking care of your tires decreases tire wear, in turn, increasing tire life. You also gain energy and fuel efficiency by having routine tire maintenance performed.

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MINI Approved Tires

Top-of-the-line makes and models of cars have tires designed to work best with that vehicle. In order to guarantee the high performance, safe driving, and razor-sharp handling that MINI prides itself on, we have MINI Approved Tires. In fact, MINI has tires designated to specifically match the needs of each MINI model.

You may be asking, why should you purchase MINI Approved Tires? Your question will be answered when you drive your vehicle with MINI approved tires. You will know the difference… Solid acceleration, stable cornering, and smooth braking that can keep up with your MINI’s nimble power and your motoring demands.


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