Tire Care Checklist


When the Rubber Meets the Road

We understand our Otto’s MINI customers love to drive! Please remember, it is important your tires are road ready for motoring, especially when approaching season transitions, such as Spring to Summer and Winter to Fall. Tire care is critical and plays a huge role in the handling, braking, safety, and performance of your MINI. It is important to seasonally perform the tire checks listed below. Some of these checks can be done at home. If you find any warning signs for tire replacement or have any questions, please call our service department at 610-455-2840 or schedule an appointment by clicking the button below.

Otto’s MINI Service Department wants to ensure your MINI is ready for motoring. For this reason, we are offering complimentary tire checks on your MINI tires, including tread depth, tire pressure, and tire sidewalls when you schedule a service appointment with us!


Tread Depth

  • Tire tread depth is important, because treads provide the traction your MINI needs to grip the road. As your motoring miles increase, your treads will wear down. Driving a tire with low treads is extremely dangerous, because it could reduce your tire’s ability to brake and increase the probability of hydroplaning. Seasonal transitions are an appropriate time to check your tread depth or even schedule a tire appointment. You can evaluate the tread depth of your tire at home by using the “quarter test”. Place the quarter, positioned up-side-down, in-between the tire treads. If you see the top of Washington’s head, it’s a warning tire replacement may be necessary.

Tire Pressure

  • Tire pressure should be checked every other fuel re-fill, because temperature changes can affect to your MINI’s tire pressure. An example is the cooling Fall weather causing the air in tires to contract below the tire manufacturer’s specifications. Tires with pressure above or below those specifications can impact driving. Tire pressure specifications are located on the driver’s side door jam.  If you’re unsure or not comfortable with performing a tire pressure check, please call our Service Department or stop by Otto’s MINI.  We offer free tire pressure checks on the spot!

Tire Sidewalls

  • Tire sidewalls, or the sides of your tires, can also experience driving wear or damage from curbs, potholes, or unfriendly objects in the road. It is important to examine the tire sidewalls seasonally for cuts, scrapes, punctures, or bumps. If you see something irregular, schedule a tire appointment immediately!

Tire Age

  • Every tire manufacturer has age specifications for their tires, which should be followed, even if a tire is not worn out. Look at the DOT stamping on the tire’s sidewall to determine a tire’s age. The end of that DOT stamping will include a 4-digit number, which represents the date code for when the tire was manufactured. The first two numbers represent the week and the last two numbers communicate the year. If your MINI’s tire has the code 2719, that code would communicate your MINI’s tire was manufactured the 27th week of 2019. On average, tires should be replaced every 6 to 10 years, but if you have questions on your tire manufacturer’s specific specifications, please contact the Otto’s MINI Service Department. We would be happy to help you obtain that information!

Please remember, while some of these checks can be done at home, the best way to ensure your tires are in motoring condition is to schedule a service appointment with one of the MINI Certified Technicians at Otto’s MINI!  This entire check-list will be included in our complimentary tire checks, so just click here to schedule now!