Summer Service Tips




Summer Motoring is Heating Up!

If Spring starts Motoring season, Summer is when it truly heats up, both literally and figuratively. The literal temperature rises should be something to take in consideration when driving in the hot summer months, because the heat can affect your MINI’s performance by putting stress on the engine. Our MINI Certified Technicians at Otto’s MINI suggest to enter the summer with your MINI in peak Motoring condition to combat the heat.

Many Motorers schedule service appointments prior to Summer to ensure their MINI Coopers are road ready. Take advantage of Otto’s MINI’s Summer Service Event to save money with up to $100 in rebates and other Summer service savings. Learn more about these offers by clicking the Summer Service Specials button above. To ensure your summer Motoring is uninterrupted, consider the list of service checks below for your MINI, before the Summer heat takes over.


Schedule an Oil Service Appointment.

  • Oil is the lifeblood of your MINI, because it keeps your engine lubricated and running smoothly. The purpose of engine oil is to reduce friction in your MINI’s engine. Too much fiction can generate additional heat, and  too much heat in the engine or it’s components can lead to premature wear or catastrophic failure. Having low oil levels or old oil in your MINI’s engine is detrimental, so oil service appointments should be performed on a regular basis. Check your engine oil and schedule an oil service appointment before you start your summer Motoring. Also changing the oil filter is another important component. A new oil filter can give your MINI’s engine a fresh start this summer.

Replace the Microfilter and Air Filter.

  • After spending a Winter and Spring exposed to environmental contaminants, such as dust and pollen, there are some important filter changes to consider for your MINI before summer traveling. Having a MINI Certified Technician check both your microfilter and air filter is will protect you and your engine. The microfilter ensures dust, pollen, soot, and pollution stay out of your MINI’s interior. The air filter prevents damaging environmental airborne particulates from entering into your MINI’s engine. With extended use, both filers could get clogged, so scheduling a filter check is important.

Check Brake Pad Health and Replace if Necessary.

  • After a Winter of brake usage, an important brake service for MINI Certified Technicians to perform on your MINI is a brake pad check and replacement. Due to the brake pads absorbing friction from brake usage, all brake pads wear out eventually, so periodic checks are essential. Schedule an Otto’s MINI Service appointment before your summer Motoring to check your brake pad health and replace if necessary.


Ensure your summer Motoring is unimpeded by scheduling a summer service appointment at Otto’s MINI. We are currently running the Summer Service Event, which is offering up to $100 in rebates on select services such as oil changes, brake pad replacements, and air filter replacements. Click here to learn more about the savings of our Summer Service Event!

You can schedule a service appointment online, just click here to schedule now!