Spring Service Tips




Are You Ready for Prime Motoring Season?

Following the cold and weathering winter, it is important to have your MINI ready for Prime Motoring Season. It is also important to upkeep your MINI, even when Spring does not bring the harshness of Winter, it will keep you out motoring!

Below is a list of simple tips to help you prepare your MINI for Spring and Summer motoring. Some of these things can even be done at your own home!

Wash and wax your MINI.

  • Winter driving causes the accumulation of dirt, debris, and salt on the body of your MINI. In order to prevent rust or other exterior damage, we recommend you wash and wax your MINI at the start of Spring.

Inspect your wiper blades.

  • Ice and snow build-up may have worn out the windshield wipers of your MINI, which will limit your visibility during the sometimes rainy days of Spring. Some of the signs of worn wiper blades are streaking or smearing, which means they may need replacement or just a thorough cleaning. If you are not sure of your wipers condition, please visit Otto’s MINI, where one of our Service Team members can do a proper blade inspection.

Check your tire pressure.

  • It is imperative to keep the tire pressures kept at the manufacturer’s specification, which is located on the sticker in the drivers side door sill area. Overfilled and under-filled tires can affect the tire wear, handling, drivability and fuel economy of your MINI. We recommend checking your tire pressure every other time you fill your fuel tank.

Schedule a service appointment.

  • Winter may have taken a toll on your MINI, due to snow, potholes, rocks, or sub-zero temperatures which could have affected the alignment, suspension, brakes, or battery. The Service Team at Otto’s MINI can check these components to make sure they are within specification for proper operation of your MINI. That same appointment can be used check your oil, other fluids, and overall health of your MINI.

You can schedule a service appointment online, just click here to schedule now!

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