Oil Change

Importance of Checking Engine Oil

Oil is the lifeblood of your MINI because it lubricates the engine. Engines produce friction and heat, which cause wear. Engine oil helps fight this. Engine oil deteriorates over time, which is why we have scheduled oil services. Checking the level and condition of the oil is imperative to a long lasting engine, by preventing premature wear.

A honey brown color oil tends to indicate healthy oil, while black, gritty feeling oil may indicate you are nearing, or possibly due for an oil service. Stop by and have us show you how to check your oil!


Oil Consumption Facts

The engine oil consumption is dependent on your driving style and driving conditions. Therefore, regularly check the engine oil level after refueling by taking a detailed measurement. The engine oil consumption can increase in the following situations

  • Sporty driving style
  • Break-in of the engine
  • Idling of the engine

Depending on the year and make of your MINI, your vehicles control display may have a monitor that communicates your MINI’s oil life.