Fluid Level Inspection


Important Vehicle Fluids

Monthly vehicle fluid checks and top-offs are an important step in maintaining your MINI. Before you take your MINI journey, you’re always welcome to schedule an appointment for free fluid checks and top-offs. Here is a list of important vehicle fluids our MINI certified mechanics check and top-off, when necessary.

  • Engine oil – Lubricates your MINI’s engine. It is the most important fluid to check to prolong an engine’s life.
  • Coolant – Prevents your engine from overheating, and ensures your engine run at the correct temperature.
  • Brake fluid – Transfers force into pressure to the brakes and stops the vehicle. We recommend it being flushed every two or three years depending on the model.
  • Power steering fluid – Allows the vehicle to steer as designed by MINI and is used when steering transfers from side to side. Keeping it topped off helps prolong the power steering components.
  • Windshield wiper fluid – Used to clean the windshield.


Otto’s MINI Service Department wants to ensure your MINI is ready for motoring. For this reason, we are offering complimentary fluid checks and top offs for all of your essential engine fluids when you schedule a service appointment with us!