Fluid Level Inspection


Important Vehicle Fluids

Monthly vehicle fluid checks and top-offs are an important step in maintaining your MINI. Before you take your MINI journey, you’re always welcome to schedule an appointment for free fluid checks and top-offs. Here is a list of important vehicle fluids our MINI certified mechanics check and top-off, when necessary.

  • Engine oil – Lubricates your MINI’s engine. It is the most important fluid to check to prolong an engine’s life.
  • Coolant – Prevents your engine from overheating, and ensures your engine run at the correct temperature.
  • Brake fluid – Transfers force into pressure to the brakes and stops the vehicle. We recommend it being flushed every two or three years depending on the model.
  • Power steering fluid – Allows the vehicle to steer as designed by MINI and is used when steering transfers from side to side. Keeping it topped off helps prolong the power steering components.
  • Windshield wiper fluid – Used to clean the windshield.


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