Fall Service Tips




Seasonal Prep for Harvest Motoring

As Summer Motoring Season is winding down, the Motoring miles may have added up from summer travel. Since MINI Coopers require condition based services, such as oil changes and fluid checks, scheduling a Fall service appointment is important.  Fall service acts as a reset for your MINI following the Summer Motoring Season. Fall service will also prepare your MINI for the winter months. With the extreme temperatures and conditions associated with winter, Fall service is important to decrease the toll these elements will have on your MINI. Otto’s MINI provides a full MINI Certified Service Department that will take care of any of your seasonal service needs, so you will have no worry during seasonal changes. Below is a list of services our Certified Mechanics at Otto’s MINI recommend during the Fall months. Also visit our Service Special’s page to enjoy up to $75 in rewards by taking advantage of Fall Services! Click on the link below to learn more.



Change the engine oil and filter.

  •  An oil change is a condition based service, which is dependent on miles traveled. Vehicle use causes engine oil to deteriorate. Oil is the life blood of a MINI, because it prevents friction and heat that an engine produces while running. This makes regular oil and filter changes essential for lubricating vital engine components. With the mileage accumulated from Summer Motoring Season, Fall is an optimal month for an oil change.

Perform a general engine inspection.

  • There are other essential fluids in an engine, specifically brake fluid, steering fluid, transmission fluid, and antifreeze. Typically these should be checked once a month, but Fall provides a natural marker for monitoring these fluid levels. As you drive your MINI, these fluids will age and deteriorate. Some factors our Certified Mechanics at Otto’s MINI consider when performing a fluid check are as follows: Adding brake fluid or steering fluid generally means there is a leak in that system, which will need to be fixed. If your transmission fluid is low or discolored with a burning smell, a transmission check would be an important next step. If anti-freeze levels are low, the anti-freeze would need to be topped-off for protection during Winter. Remember, Otto’s MINI offers complementary fluid checks and top-offs when you schedule a service appointment!

Have a battery check performed, replace if necessary.

  • As a battery ages, it becomes more important to have regular battery checks performed. With Fall being a prelude to Winter, please remember, extreme temperatures naturally affect a battery, especially older units. A common time for scheduling a battery check is following the hot summer months but before the Winter season is in full swing. Our MINI Certified Mechanics will evaluate your battery’s health and inform you whether it is time for a replacement.

Plan a seasonal tire change.

  • If you use seasonal tires for your MINI for enhanced performance during specific seasons, Fall is the time to complete that tire transition. Due to demand for seasonal tires, waiting too long to order and switch your seasonal tires could make the process challenging. Avoid this issue by ordering your MINI’s winter tires early through our Parts Department. Browse our tire selection by clicking here, and please call our Parts Department at 610-455-2860 with any questions.

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