Mini Upgrade

Are you considering upgrading your MINI?  If so, rest assured the new models still offer MINI's world-renowned handling, exceptional safety, and premium finishes.  The biggest difference is that our MINI models come in more sizes than ever, from a four-door version of the iconic Hardtop to the sophisticated and spacious Clubman and the adventurous Countryman!

New Size Options
For those fond of the compact MINI Coopers that are easy to maneuver and fit in any parking  space, we still offer that vehicle size. But now, we also provide a more spacious option, the MINI  Countryman, our biggest, most adventurous MINI yet!

Driving Modes
Our new MINI models offer driving modes based on preference and driving situation. Sport  Mode will tighten your steering and adjust the throttle profile for a more aggressive, thrilling drive. Green Mode optimizes fuel delivery and has a coasting feature that disengages an automatic transmission when your foot's off the gas. 

TwinPower Turbo Engines
All of our new MINI models from the compact Cooper models to the spacious Clubman and Countryman include world-class engineering of precision TwinPower Turbo engines. New generation MINIs provide a drive enriched with more pep and power!

What's New?
The MINI Hardtop is feistier and more fun than ever thanks to MINI TwinPower Turbo engines. Choose from the iconic 2 Door model or the 4 Door that was built for sharing. Both have plenty of premium enhancements but the same heart and soul as the original MINI that started it all.

Corner Brake Control
Helps you maintain control - and that iconic go-kart feeling - by balancing brake pressure throughout all four wheels.

LED Headlights
Light the way ahead with unparalleled brightness thanks to brilliant LED rings that surround the headlights.

Taillights with Integrated Union Jack Design
Show off the British heritage of your MINI with these stylish
LED taillights.

Apple Carplay TM
A smarter, safer way to use your iPhone® in the car that puts key
iPhone functionality right on MINI Connected wirelessly.

The biggest MINI yet offers standard features you might expect to be optional. With more room, more comfort and available ALL4 all-wheel drive, the MINI Countryman is designed with adventure in mind.

Room for Five
Our largest and roomiest model yet, the Countryman comfortably seats five with generous cargo space to spare.

Dual-Pane Panoramic Sunroof
Let in the great outdoors with this standard feature that extends to the back seat.


Tailored Interior
The sophisticated cabin sets a new standard in its class with topshelf finishes and finely-crafted leather upholstery. 

Available ALL4 is one of the foremost all-wheel drive systems in its
class for superior all-weather capability and traction on all surfaces. 

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